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2 years ago

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I had a great visit and fresh local sauna last night and thought I'd share with you. only findtubes had a series of bilateral meetings a few and felt very hot, was especially after the meeting held here in the chat rooms as a bit of a disaster. Frustrated, I went to a sauna in New Brighton, where he once was (and where I met my first M2M ). After paying the money that changed after I made my way upstairs, where I showered and then went through which was the hot tub. I had about 6 guys there, but it was still a little space, so I sat in the water and made ​​myself comfortable. It was a very loaded, but nobody said anything. The man on my right, about 40, with what looked like a nice toned body. I only sat a few minutes, when his hand began to caress my legs. That felt good, and I leaned my head back a little to enjoy the sensations. When I did I realized that the two boysvery sexy kiss on my left and I saw her again. When he looked at me, the man was moved to my right, in front of me and took me with him he could kiss. I had never seen a man before, kissed, but she was so hot I thought I would explode. I could feel his cock rubbing my own tough guys, and felt very happy. I reached down to grab and to God, it was huge. My own cock is about 7 inches erect, but it was much larger. I am always short of breath now, as I became findtubes so forth. My playmates and I felt that I took his hand and led me to a private room to another set of stairs. When he entered the room, I realized that the two boys had left my follwed us and entered the room with us. My playmates closed the door when I sat on the bed. One findtubes of the other boys findtubes sat beside me and looked at him, I was attracted to him and stuck his tongue in my mouth and kissed me with great force. At the same time, grabbed my cock and slowly beganed me masturbating. His hand is my pre -cum have been covered, I feel like I was almost findtubes out of me ( as it is more, as I write this!) Just when you thought things could not be much better, I felt a mouth my cock. My new playmate was still findtubes wrestling with my tongue, I findtubes could not see at first who he was. But I was so out of escape, I was panting now, when I felt my dick would explode soon and moves it away from my face and I could try to breathe. Playmate was my first, I experienced a blowjob. I warned him that I was about to end and findtubes the guy had kissed, kneeling next to my cock sucker and said she wanted my cum on her face. My playmates took my cock from her mouth and just in time became the second someone like me exploded and covered the face side of the cheek. As always in these situations is the warm feeling I never stopped running and was the biggest load I've shot. While breath, findtubes I was still very hotand had a tail and just get in the mouth. I wanted my colleagues, because it was so great, but unfortunately I was the guy who was just starting to get an edge finish on my left, and before he could move, he was already there. The fourth man was findtubes sitting there masturbating rather disappointing, and while his penis was only about 6 inches, which was a nice drink anyway. I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking very good. Every now and then one stops to lick the whole body. It was while he licks his shaft, without warning, shot his load all over her face, which I love. want more I looked at where my first playmates is still blowing my playmates second. I sort of forced me into action and took over sucking my friend 's first come, finally, that big hard cock in my mouth. It was incredible to feel the difference in the key I suck. I could not get enough of it in my mouth. Unfortunately. I hadnt been sucking himlong time, as he told me he wanted to finish. I took it out of my mouth and rubb
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